Fitness Room Design

Always dreamed of having your own home gym?

  • Convenient and time-saving, designed and equipped to your specifications, a healthier environment…these are but a few of the benefits of working out in-home!!!
    Are you building a new home, expanding your current home, or have a spare room that can be put to a healthier use?
  • Allow the Functional Fitness pros help you design a room you not only workout in, but always include in the house tour when guests visit…

Design options:

  1. Basic – Equipment, flooring, room colors and basic design elements
  2. Premium – Complete gym design…extensive equipment selection & room organization; flooring, ceiling, fixtures, paint, outlet placement, fitness artwork, painting and/or electrical contractor if desired
  3. Custom – moving walls, finishing carpentry, custom cabinetry, extensive ceiling and/or fixture treatments, and discussing a contractor for specialized work

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